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Well well well, it's all been written before.... stay away from this company, they are waste of time and scammers.

I booked a car hire from this company through my credit card company in sydney and I informed them of the poor service too.

Upon arrival at the airport my car was not even there, had to wait for it and then I had to wait for it to be cleaned.... nice.. only after a flght from Sydney... could not ask for more really.

Then I returned the car, no damage just as perfect as it was given to me. The idiot receiving the car told me the security deposit will be refunded straight away because there are no problems with my car. Then when I questioned by there's been an additional charge of EUR70 I was told that is a deposit until the company gets a fine clearance from the police.

Over a month later no refund of my deposit... and the Eur70 turned into a fine that I did not know it existed... apparently you can find out what it is if you requested by email..... I thought its 2015!!!! Why can't you send the fines to the customers.

And ... the customer service representative hung up on me cause he could not answer my questions.... fashionably too.... hello hello I cant hear you... what an idiot... phone calls from Australia are better quality than your mobile phone.

Still Waiting... for my $$$$$$

Owner's reply
VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service

Dear Cilia,

We would appreciate it if you refrained from insulting our staff, who do their work as best as they possibly can.

According to our internal policy, our customers are notified of a fine management fee if they receive a fine during their rental period. They receive the actual fine and the payment method from the local authorities.

Our office in Malta is a franchise and operates a bit differently in this aspect. They pay for both the fine and the management fee and charge it to the customer, who is generally informed of both. Please contact them by email if you require more information: .

Kindest regards,
Victoria R.
Goldcar representative

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David Murdoch Written by David Murdoch
November 16, 2015
Hi Victoria,

I just thought I would try to get clarification from you on one point for the benefit of all Goldcar customers since I don't understand your response entirely.

If a fine is received during a rental, do you send the customer a copy of the fine? For example, if they get a speeding fine or a parking fine, do you send the customer a copy of the infringement notice showing the date, location and amount of the fine?

You mentioned that they receive the actual fine from the local authorities but this doesn't make sense to me. The local authorities don't have any contact details for the customer, they would send it to the car owner which would be Goldcar.

I'm just trying to clarify that you then charge the customer for the fine and the management fee but also send the customer a copy of the infringement notice so that they know what the charge is for. This is standard practice with all rental car companies in my experience. Is this what you do also?

I may have misunderstood but it appears that Cilia's complaint is that they have been unable to get a copy of the fine from Goldcar. If this is the case, I can understand why the customer is upset. Mistakes in this area are easy to make, I regularly see customers all over the world charged for fines that are on different cars to the ones they rented or that occurred on dates when they didn't have the car at all. An easy mistake and an easy fix but how can the customer know if they don't receive a copy of the infringement notice?

Can you please outline exactly the process that occurs in case fines happen during a rental.

Thanks for your help.

David Murdoch
Founder -
In reply to an earlier comment

VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service Written by VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service
November 17, 2015
Dear David,

For offices except Malta, an external company hired by Goldcar deals with providing the necessary information to local authorities in case of fines, processing their details, etc. (this is how they have access to the customer’s email address).

We charge the fine management fee, but not the fine itself. We do not have access to the fines themselves (nor the amount), so we cannot offer a copy to our customers.
In Cilia’s case, since she rented in Malta, she kindly needs to contact them directly and ask for the fine (it is usually emailed to the customer, so it must have been a mistake).

Please let me know if I should clarify anything else. Thank you!

Kindest regards,
In reply to an earlier comment

David Murdoch Written by David Murdoch
November 17, 2015
Thanks for the clarification Victoria.

I have been in contact with Cilia. She acknowledges that she received a fine during her rental but she paid it herself at a local council office.

She has emailed Goldcar in Malta and sent all of the receipts to them but has not had a response. I think the lack of any response and the inability to resolve the issue over the phone is the problem.

Again, thank you for clarifying the fine procedure.

Best regards,
David - Founder
Cilia Written by Cilia
December 23, 2015
Hi Victoria

Gold car malta charged me for a fine which was paid while I was on the island... now I've sent them about 7 emails with the receipt and still no reply....

Now tell me... what do I do about it...? They really need to be reported.

4 results - showing 1 - 4