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I booked a car with Goldcar Malta through Atlas Choice. Below is the ongoing saga. I would advise searching the Internet and reading the terrible reviews on Goldcar Malta before risking 

14.08.2016 14:26 Our car hire was arranged for Friday August 5th with collection from Malta Airport with Goldcar. Unfortunately we did not make our flight due to accident and delays on A14 and then delays at car parking and even further delays with security clearance. The boarding gate just closed as we got to the gate. I tried to contact Atlas Choice to rearrange the car collection to the following day but your office was closed. I also had family in Malta phone your partner Goldcar office at Malta airport to rearrange the car pick up but despite them calling repeatedly throughout the evening prior to the pick up time no one ever answered the phone. On Saturday August 6th I contacted your office and your customer service advisor said he would contact the Goldcar office at Malta airport to see if he could rearrange the pick up. Your advisor called back later that morning when I was at Gatwick airport about to board our rearranged flight and said no one answered the phone to him either despite calling numerous times. Your customer service advisor said we would have to go to the Goldcar desk at Malta airport and see if they would supply the car but said that it may have been cancelled as a no show. I asked what happens in that case and he said that we would have lost the car and that we would not get a refund. When we got to Malta Goldcar said the hire had been cancelled as a no show and worse still they didn't have any cars available for hire. We had to arrange taxis to our villa near then arrange alternative car hire and pay again. I have been informed by Goldcar that they will not receive payment from Atlas Choice for the car and that my payment is held by Atlas Choice. I am writing to request a refund of my payment as I feel I did everything possible to rearrange the car collection prior to my scheduled pick up time but as Atlas Choice had not provided any phone number that could be contacted it is a failure by Atlas Choice that has caused this. I have notified my bank that I will be requesting a charge back on this payment if I can not resolve this with Atlas Choice within 7 days. I think it is unacceptable that the service I paid Atlas Choice for has not been provided. I would have been happy to collect the car 1 day later which was after all still within the hire period which I paid for. 

16.08.2016 09:47 - Viktorija Thank you for contacting Atlas Choice complaints department. Atlaschoice aims to resolve complaints within 28 days of receipt. If the nature of your complaint is with our partner at the pick – up country we will assist you by opening the communication and dialogue between yourself and our partner , however Atlas Choice maybe unable to respond specifically to any points raised. Please ensure that you take note of your ticket number in order to see your progress. Please don’t open new tickets for the same booking number or complaint, as this will simply delay the response and override the previous ticket that is in progress. 

16.08.2016 13:06 Good Afternoon, Thank you for your reply, I'm afraid that I can not accept that my complaint is with the agent you assigned the hire to as my business was conducted with Atlas Choice. Should you have an issue with the agent you assigned the hire to then that is for you to resolve. Simply passing the buck to your agent is not acceptable as my business was conducted with Atlas Choice and who you assign as your agent is beyond my control. As I explained in my initial email I intend to initiate a charge back with my bank for the amount paid to Atlas Choice if I can not resolve this matter with Atlas Choice. Could you reply letting me know if you intend to refund my payment to Atlas Choice, if not I will instruct my bank. Chris Hawkins 

19.08.2016 13:21 Good Afternoon, As I have not received a response to my message on your system dated 16/08/2016 I will be instructing my card provider to charge back the full £234.29 charged to my card. It is disappointing that Atlas Choice has chosen not to discuss the issues surrounding this booking. Should you wish to discuss this please feel free to contact me on my mobile 07782 xxxxxx or alternatively by the email you have used previously. Thanks You Chris Hawkins 

19.08.2016 14:46 - Viktorija We would like to inform you that we still haven’t had any response from our partner and we have e mailed them again to respond to your query.

Owner's reply
VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service

Dear Chris,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We're highly surprised reading your review and we'd like to help you.

We recommend you to open a query online where your case can be ivestigated and checked. Here you have the link of how to do it:

Victoria R.
Goldcar Representative

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VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service Written by VictoriaR - Goldcar Customer Service
August 21, 2016
Good mornig Chris,

Thanks for your contact us. If you are so kind to send us an email to we will study harder your case and try to find a solution as soon as posible. Don't forget to provide us your booking number and a short explanation about your query.

Victoria R.
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