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Poor Service

Before my arrival at Liverpool airport, I thought this company were great; they had text me with the arrangements and what I needed to do. Seemed very organised.

However, once I got there, they did not seem as organised. I rang, they said they'd be there shortly to collect me in my hire car. 5 minutes later, they rang to say someone else on my flight needed collected so it would be a different vehicle I would be collected in. I thought they would have some form of system running and would be aware that we were both arriving at the same time, and would need collected together.

Anyway, I waited...and waited, the man finally arrived.

He was over the top to start with, but this soon changed.

I had arranged my reservation by email, explaining that I was under 25 and did not own a credit card. Again, they did not seem aware of this when I got to their office. Tried to add on additional charges, which l wasn't having as the emails said that these were already included. Then, they charged me for the lift from the airport to their office, yes only a few pound but not the point! It should be included in the service, as advertised.

He then informed me that the excess on my insurance cover had gone up by a couple of hundred pounds. Surely this should remain the same as what it was when I made the booking. I was also told that he had to take an extra £300 out of my account as I did not have a credit card and this would be refunded to me when I returned the car.. this has never happened to me before but I just wanted to get on the road, I'd be up since 5.30am and this was close to 8pm, so I agreed.

The car itself was great, high spec, 1000miles on the clock, I used £5 petrol and it was nice to drive. Just was I wanted.

Returning the car was another issue. I walked into the office, nobody on the desk. The same man then came out of what looked like a very unorganised back office. He said he needed to go check the car, I said I would go to, he said no and snatched the key from me.

On his return he informed me that there was a dent in the door but if I left a good report online, he wouldn't charge me. There was no dent that I could see.

The refunded then took 4 days to come back into my account.

As someone who works in a customer service based role, I would not use this service again.

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