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Just plain terrible

Rented a car at the Florence Airport location in Italy from Hertz. The car was not what I wanted, but they didn't have anything else, so I got stuck with a Fiat manual. It was dirty inside and out. I was driving about two hours into Tuscany with the car. Half way there it started over-heating and smoking. I had to keep stopping, but after 3 hours finally arrived at our hotel. I immediately called Hertz to report it, and after spending about an hour on the phone, finally got someone to commit to picking up the car. They do NOT provide a replacement for broken down cars in Italy!!! I then had to spend another hour on the phone trying to find another car to rent from another company about 30 miles from the hotel. The next day while we were out getting another car, they came to tow away the broken down one, sent me a text to verify, and that was it. Well, they then proceeded to charge me for the full 3 day rental even though I only got to drive it for 3 hours!!!!! I have called and emailed and they don't respond to anything. I have had to dispute the charges with my credit card company, and now, even though it has been 2 months, I am still trying to get a credit for the broken down piece of junk they rented me.

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