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Thrifty TLV is the worst

I received the "bait and switch" treatment with Thrifty. I verified with my credit card company that the 8 seater that I intended to rent would allow for a waiver of the CDW (over $125 for a 3 day rental). I also was made aware that a 9 seater would NOT be covered. When Thrifty couldn't rent me the car I reserved they decided that they would instead "upgrade" me to the 9 seater. I refused this vehicle knowing full well that I would be saddled with the CDW. They gave me a bunch of BS about how it wouldn't cost any more and it would all come out the same. Additionally they added the super CDW which was an optional coverage that I didn't even approve. 2 hours of trying to resolve this left me with no choice. I either took the car or cancelled my vacation plans. I just knew that I was going to be scammed. And I was.
Over $155 dollars later they "couldn't do anything" for me. Their customer service rep, Yana Boubenchikov was rude when I rented the car, when I called with questions and when I filed my complaint. She even told me in her email"Anyways, The car that you needed to have comes with 9 seats,
It becomes an 8 seats car when you put off one seat".
Ridiculous. The whole issue is that the CDW waiver does not allow a 9 seater. Period. Taking out a seat, even if we were dumb enough to do it was not possible. They are benches!!


Mentionable Staff
Nadav Katan & Yana Boubenchikov
In Jerusalem Nadav did try to elevate our issues but he was, in the end, unable to help us. To his credit, he did try and he did answer emails.
As for Yana--it's already stated in the above rant.
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