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Terrible Customer Service and A Potential Scam

I recently rented a car with this company and I was very disappointed by the service I received when I returned the car.  The attendant charged me for a deflated tire and said there was a nail in the tire - he was very rude about it as well.  The "attention" light had come on the car about 5 minutes after I started driving the car and I assumed it was okay since they had told me they had checked the car out before I started driving.  This means that this nail was most likely already in the tire when I first received the car and the tire had just been inflated right before I picked it up so that the "attention" light wouldn't show up when they evaluated the car.  I believe that this a scam that the company is running to charge people extra fees for the supposed damaged tires.  If you want to charge customer's extra for deflated tires due to nails, you need to inspect each tire fully with the customer present to ensure the nail is not already in the tire.


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