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Dented and Dirty

The first car they provided had so many scratches and dents that the check out sheet was completely marked up, and it was covered in dirt and bird droppings. The inside seats were stained and windows all filmy as if never cleaned. At 34,000 miles, it was a mess. To top it off, they claimed it had a full tank of gas but it was not full.

My husband went in to change the car and got one still dented and dirty, just bigger dents, but less of them. The seats inside (all of them) were completely soiled, especially the back seats. This car has 74,000 kilometers on it (can you believe they are still renting it out?!). At this point he was so frustrated I looked the other way and we took it out but I feel dirty just sitting in the car. This is a shameful state for such a well known major car rental company. If this was a budget company, okay. But this is unbelievable for an Avis. I am really disappointed.

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