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The most rude service I have ever received

Where do I even begin????

We arrived at Tel Aviv looking for a europcar desk - not got one. So we looked at our instructions and it told us to report to another desk. Only they have never heard of europcar and were exceptionally rude to us. So we rang europcar and they were very rude but told us we had to wait outside the terminal for a bus that would be 2 minutes. So we exit into the heat and stand outside waiting for a bus. Hertz, Six and budget etc all have buses coming out but no sign of europcar. By this time another group were also waiting. They had been told they would be met at the airport by someone holding a luck for them either.

We rang again after about 15 mins. Staff seemed very annoyed that we had rung and told again it was two minutes away. It was not.

When the bus finally arrived we got in and were drive past all the normal car rental places to 'airport city' a complex quite far from the airport which took about 15-20 mins driving. When we finally arrived none apologised for our wait, or offered us any kind of hospitality, they were instead rude and acted like they did not care that we had been delayed massively by their service, important when you are just away for a long weekend. We had to change our plans because of this.

So we finally left in an 'upgraded car' although I fail to see how it is an upgrade as it was average at best and required a code to work which sometimes didn't work resulting in the car not starting for ages.

But we were willing to accept this could have just been a bad experience, but oh no...

We were told to drop the car off at the same obscure location we picked it up from. So we did. But when we arrived the staff told us off and told us to move it to an underground car park. We did not want to, and were annoyed at their tone. When we objected the man shouted at us 'I'll tell you what you can and can't do!!' which was exceptionally rude. They also threatened us saying that the police were going to come and give us a ticket and we would be made to pay, despite the fact that they leave cars there when people are picking them up all the time, and that they are insured to drive them AND the fact that they park there when picking people up on the shuttle bus. The next person to drop their car off also left it there, the logical place when you pick it up from that location.

All in all I was appalled by the service and would avoid this at all costs if you want a relaxing start and end to your holiday.


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All staff were exceptionally rude
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