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(Updated: February 22, 2015)
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Bad experience with Shlomo Sixt

Sadly, I must add my experience to the one listed above. When I returned my car a broken light was "discovered" of which I was unaware. I was agressively told to sign a blank document, which I refused, and when I refuted the Sixt representative's shouted claim that "you broke it" by calmly explaining that it may have happened during my hire, but I did not break it, I was told to "stop being a child" (I am a fifty-year old grandfather and do not expect to be called a child). Further abuse hurled at me left me close to tears.

To give some credit, when I emailed the customer service address there was a speedy initial response, but the follow-up was nothing more than a refund of $28 for the "inconvenience", accompanied by an bill of 750 shekels for a minor repair (with the comment that "it's not a lot of money").

When I posted this experience on another forum, a Customer service manager immediately posted, asking for my details so he could be in touch and sort this out. He sent me a number of emails saying that he wanted to be in touch - but actually never was. Instead he complained about me, with assorted untruths about his response, on the forum.

I certainly will not be using or recommending Sixt again.

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February 23, 2015
Boaz - thanks for your standard reply. You made the same offer when I posted on another site. Your expressed desire to "contact me and sort it out" actually meant that your colleague, who had originally told me that there would be a charge of NIS 750 for fixing a light called me again, to aggressively say that the charge stood, and then you emailed to say that that was the equivalent of you calling me. You also defamed me repeatedly on the site and in private messages to other posters, and ignored my lawyers request for evidence to back up your defamatory assertions, that you were obliged to provide me with under Israeli law.

So Boaz, I'm not very impressed by your offer to help me now. Nor, apparently, are the others who have complained here about Shlomo Sixt. I think the overwhelming number of negative reviews, accusing Sixt of bad service or ever theft, speak for themselves.
Owner's reply
Boaz Yacobi - Manager of Tourism at Shlomo Sixt Boaz Yacobi - Manager of Tourism at Shlomo Sixt

if you can address your complaint with details to, I can find the specific case number and take care of it. Thank you so much and I apologize for your inconvenience. Boaz.

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