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Do Not Rent from Shlomo/Sixt

Do not rent from Shlomo/Sixt in Israel. I rented a car for more than two weeks. When I returned the car at the airport, the car was in good condition and the gas was full. However, I was told the car would have to undergo a "special wash" because of bird droppings on the rear of the car. In any other country I have rented a car--Australia, England, Ireland, Kenya--bird droppings are considered part of normal use. However, the manager at the Shlomo/Sixt branch at the Ben-Gurion airport, Mr. Eli Elias, insisted on charging me a "special wash" cost in the amount of 100 sheqels. I objected and refused to sign off on this charge. Mr. Elias then refused to allow me, my wife, and our young daughter to board the Shlomo/Sixt shuttle to the airport to catch our flight. Because we had no choice, we signed. I complained in writing to Shlomo/Sixt customer service and received a response containing profanity, assuring me that they could have charged me 250 sheqels but did me a favor by not doing so, and additionally had determined--after the car was already returned--that the gas was not full and would be adding on yet another charge. (I was told by their representative agent (Ronnie Frinkelberg) upon returning the car that the gas was full.) The Ben-Gurion airport branch of Shlomo/Sixt and its customer service are *NOT* to be trusted. I have instituted a complaint with the Israeli consumer protection authorities and will update this post.

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Boaz Yacobi - Manager of Tourism at Shlomo Sixt Boaz Yacobi - Manager of Tourism at Shlomo Sixt

I am terribly sorry to hear about this situation, this is not the way we operte. I would love to investigate and clear your negative feeling and exeprience aboout the event.

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if you can adress your complaine with details to , I can find the specific case number and treat it. Thank you so much and I apologize for your inconvenience. Boaz.
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