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Shlomo Sixt NO! Never Again!

This review is not just for one location. It is about the Shlomo Sixt company all together.
I visit Israel quite often with my family. We rent a car every time. This year, 2017 we used Shlomo Sixt, because they were the cheapest. And the cheapest they were. The car we were given was very dirty. We asked for a replacement, they didn't have any except once are smaller in size. We had to take the dirty and all badly scratched up one. They did not accept our credit card warranty coverage and forced us to purchase the Israeli mandatory insurance. While using the car, we noticed that it was very poorly maintained. The battery died at one point and we got stranded in the desert heat for an hour. When we called the Sixt for help, they said the help will be in between 1 and 3 hours. In about an hour we got a jump-start from a driving by person. Right after that we got a call back from the Sixt to arrange the service we no longer needed. We returned the car at a very same day. During our possession of the car, somebody hit it to the rear bumper while it was parked over night, and made a dent on the corner of the plastic. I could have it fixed for between $50 and $200.00 depending on the quality of the repair. I figured I would rather pay it to the rental place then wasting my vacation time on it. Shlomo Sixt charged me full deductible of $438.00. I'm sure they are going to fix it for $50.00 and give this P.O.S. to another "looser" like me. Other rental companies wouldn't even say anything about damage like this. Stay away from Shlomo Sixt. May be other companies charge a little more money, but at the end you will save rather then loose with Shlomo.

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