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Disasterious company

First off, the car I booked didn't exist in their inventory, I had to pick another car ( I wasn't picky about it). On the way back to the airport, I had difficulty to find return location. I NOTICED ON OTHER REVIEWS, I was not the only person with that issue. When I saw their sign in the parking , I was told by their staff (HER NAME IS NOY)who was very, rude, angry , talking and smoking cigarette at the same time "This is pick up location not drop off", I explained ,"I'm about to miss my flight" and I didn't want to leave the parking area, she start cursing, and using foul language both in Hebrew and English ( My Fiancée speaks Hebrew). I left the key on top of the car, and took picture of the car. SHE TREAD TO TROW AN OBJECT AT ME. Me and my fiancée kept distance and walk away from her and the car, she said "I will show you , I will show you". When I got back to Los Angeles, I saw 2 more charges on top of my original charge. 1- Smoking charge of $132 for smoking cigarette. 2- Half day + fuel of $104 I returned the car at 3:20 AM (my flight was at 4:50AM) NOY marked my return at 7:30 AM. Neither I Nor my fiancée are smokers. I already called and spoke with LODY in this regard for correction at 972-3-975-4321 within two weeks time period ,SHE SAID THREE TIMES SHE WILL CALL ME BUT SHE NEVER DID. I also emailed her [email protected] my flight itinerary and airline ticket that my flight was at 4:50 AM but she never responded. STAY AWAY FROM THAT COMPANY AND THEIR STAFF. IF ANYONE NEEDS PROOF OR HAVE ANY QUESTION CAN CONTACT ME AT [email protected] Best of luck to all passengers and travelers. 

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