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Thrifty Israel - finding new ways to scam you - be careful

Be careful when dealing with Thrifty or Dollar rental car in Israel, especially if booking through the internet agencies. Typical bait and switch scam. I made a reservation through (an affiliate of After doing a lot of research and comparing rates I was able to secure a great rate on a Volvo S60 and made the reservation. Being wary of some local business practices at the rental car affiliates in Israel, I took the added step of contacting Thrifty here in the US and confirmed my reservation details and specifically the type of car and the quote I received and was assured that all the details were correct. However when I arrived at the Thrifty/Dollar rental desk in the Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv Israel they reneged on the reservation. When I presented the reservation they first told me that they were giving me a Mazda 6 and not the Volvo S60 and when I asked why they first said they did not have any of the car type that I had reserved. I then told them that I had called to confirm that same day that the vehicle would be supply. They then told me that I had not made a reservation for that car but that my reservation was actually for a lower classed car by their local rating system. I had a made a reservation for a "premium" class car and a "premium" class car was the Mazda 6 and not the Volvo S60 which they classed locally as "luxury" BUT after telling me that they did not have that car at the location they told me they could rent me that car but at a much higher price point than what I was initially quoted - seemingly oblivious to the fact that just minutes before they had lied to me saying the car wasn't available. I was left in a compromised position after having traveled over 12 hours and wanting to get to my local accommodations to either agree to be party to the shameless bait and switch tactic or try another rental car company (I chose the latter). Unfortunately this is exactly the type of crooked disreputable business practice that gives Israeli businesses a bad name and by default will color Thrifty/Dollar's global brand reputation negatively as well. When doing my research in search of the best possible rate and best value I saw multiple internet car booking sites that offered this particular deal with Thrifty Israel so this was not a case of a "mistaken" or erroneous quote and there is no way Thrifty/Dollar Israel could be unaware of it without being able to correct any such discrepancy. Shame on them. Shame on Thrifty/Dollar Global company for doing business with this Israeli affiliate Albar - you represent the worst of what Israel has to offer in poor and disreputable business practices and are a discredit to all reputable Israeli business.


Simply put, the staff lies (I speak Hebrew as well as English so it is not a case of misunderstood language) as they likely have been trained to do.
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