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Sadly, I allowed myself to be talked into an "upgrade" of a larger diesel car. The man at the counter was not friendly and very condescending. He told me that I would "save money" if I upgraded. He didn't tell me it would come with added anxiety--What a bonus : ( The outside of the car was in poor condition, so much so that when they performed the initial inspection they wrote off 2 sides of the car. This means that if I put any scratches on either side of the car, it wouldn't matter there were so many already. I wasn't too concerned about the looks, but what did upset me were the mechanical issues. The car had bad wheel bearings and was way out of alignment. I had to drive with the steering wheel quarter turned. This may not be a big deal except I was already driving on a different side of the road and a different side of the car, I didn't need to fight the car too. I called 2 days into my 10-day trip as the wheel bearings were getting louder and louder, but I could not reach anyone. I left messages and called multiple times, but no one answered or returned my phone calls. I was in Doolin, Ireland and so too far away to return to Dublin. When I returned the car at the end of the trip the only thing I was told was to email customer support. I did this and was told that I signed the paperwork so it is my fault. I will not deal with this company again. They were only concerned about getting paid and not about customer care. You would be wise to stay away as well.

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