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Upon landing in Dublin Airport, finding the Europcar desk including the Carhire sign - we had booked with - after waiting 20minutes in line with 2 small kids to be told that I had waited there for nothing and should just proceed to the Shuttle Bus stop - its totally ineffective way of doing things - I have no clue why they cannot put a sign on the desk "Carhire customers - proceed directly to Shuttle Bus Station XXX". The line for the Shuttle Bus was a total nightmare - we waited 15mins for the box, Hertz and all the others came and went.. then Europcar came - I had to sit in with the kids only to be told there is no room for my husband who was loading our case in the back - luckily 2 other Europcar busses came in one go - so 3 in one go - its so incomprehnsible ! Luckily once arriving there safely, we took a ticket for the desk - a very good way to organise the manic situation in August. The Clerk at the desk was very friendly, helpful and gave good advice. The car was in good order. So as mentioned pros and cons. However, for families with small children - a real struggle. Also Europcar is flooded due to the cheap rates.

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