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Long lines and incredibly rude

The only positive is that they are cheap. But here's the negative:
On arrival, they ask you to take a ticket. It tells you how long you'll have to wait - mine was 40mins. It actually took about 30mins to be seen - but even that is ridiculous.
However, more importantly, you have to join the same queue on returning the car...
I walked into the office and had at least 6 customers ahead of me. I was with a group of 6 people and we all needed to get to our flight.
I politely asked if I could just leave my key on the desk and was met with agression.
I speak French, so I said I really didn't care for the tone and that it was their problem that their system was so inefficient and i wasn't prepared to miss my flight for them. I then left my key on the counter and turned to walk out.
The woman behind the counter immediately became incredibly angry, told me everyone was in the same boat and started yelling and waving her arms around. I just kept on walking. She chased after me and carried on the hysteria. All in front of my colleagues and the other people in the queue. Not sure what would have happened if I'd risen to her anger, but I just walked away.
We've all heard about bad service in France, this is the pinnacle. Watch out.

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