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Thrifty is very good at being thrifty with customer service

Had a very poor experience using this company while travelling abroad in Quito. Thrifty does a great job at being thrifty in providing customer service, managing their reservations and magically cancelling confirmed reservations in the "system".

Had made a 3-day reservation to rent a car from Quito to go to Banos a month prior to arriving in Quito; got a very good deal through a very reputable 3rd party booking company so decided to go with Thrifty. Had arrived at the airport to go on a flight to Galapagos a few days prior to the actual reservation date, so I decided to head to the rental counter to check on my reservation, and ask to see if they had any GPS systems available for rental (answer was no). The agent at the time told me that the reservation was confirmed and everything was good to go. I told her that I would see them in a few days once I was back from Galapagos, to begin my reservation.

Fast forward to when I arrived from Galapagos to Quito airport. I go to the counter to be told that my reservation was (magically) shown as cancelled in their system, and that they had no cars available for me to rent for the desired time period. They could not explain why it was showing as cancelled in their system. After a very expensive roaming call to the 3rd party booking company, they had confirmed that the reservation was still active (not-showing as cancelled in their system). 3rd-party booking company called Thifty head office, and the latter confirmed that it was also showing as active in their system. This leads me to believe that Thrifty Quito Airport's system had magically cancelled our reservation (which shows a massive flaw/breakdown in their system), or they simply did not want to honor our reservation. Needless to say that this left two foreign travelers to Quito stuck, and scrambling to find another way to salvage the itinerary for the rest of a busy/packed trip. The only suggestion from Thrifty Quito was "check to see if any of the other car rental agencies have cars, or come back tomorrow". The staff ("Angeles Bonilla" and "Fabiola Lopez-Chang") was unsympathetic, and did not offer any viable solutions to two travelers who were left stranded in Quito during a busy time of the year. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was given the run-around many time "she is coming in 30 minutes" or "she is off today". We ended up finding the last car available (and a GPS) at Budget rental two counters over, but at a much higher cost due to short notice rental.

If you are looking for a company that will mishandle your reservation in favor of more profitable customers, experts at giving customers the run-around, and simply are not helpful in finding a solution, then Thrifty is the company for you. Otherwise, I suggest shelling out a few extra bucks at a more legitimate rental company that understands the value of a customer, especially when it comes to being a foreigner in a new country.


Mentionable Staff
Fabiola Chang/Lopez and Angeles Bonilla
Very poor customer service from this representatives.
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