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We made a reservation through and had found a great deal (9 days for $395 for a Hyundai Tucsan). We opted to not take insurance because our credit card covered it. We worked with a females named Solanji Cueto. First, she asked if we had the reservation number, which was not handy because we came from US and not a local plan. We hopped onto airport wifi and provided her with a number. She then said, please send to me via email, which we did. After a few minutes, she looked at the price and did not want to honor it. She said she couldn't find the reservation on the computer. This smug PERSON told us we could not take the car unless we paid an extra $68 -$72 per day. When we called the corporate office, her tone changed and said it would cost $68 for entire reservation to insure the vehicle, so all of a sudden the story changed. The math still didn't add up. She said it would cost $616 for the whole reservation which went up from $395. We ended up canceling the reservation and not being able to take the car. What a bunch of thieves. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. They take advantage of people that look to rent a car and change the price on you last minute. 


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Solanji Cueto
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