• sanjay
    AVOID! AVOID! We rented a car from Greenmotion through Rentalcars.com at Orlando and had a horrible experience. First we had to wait for more than one hour to get our car then the tire had low air pressure so they had pump air in it. That still didn't work because throughout of trip low pressure alarm was on. However the biggest FRAUD that the company is guilty of is Insurance. They have a scam going. They ask you to produce copy of your Auto Insurance (who carries copy of their auto insurance). If you can't then you have to pay exorbitant insurance ($25.99) per day. Booking agreement does not specifically say you have to produce copy of your Insurance, if you want to decline. I called Greenmotion to resolve this issue and they hung up on me twice. I called Rentalcars.com and they said it is in the fine print. They seem to be colluding with Greenmotion. They are both owned by Priceline. So beware of GREENMOTION and also RENTALCARS.com and by association all Priceline Companies.
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