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Kevin At Pearson (the oriental counter representative as he preferred to be referred to)

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!! Arriving In Toronto from the west coast with the family in tow after a tiring flight just prior to the labour day long weekend, we checked in with the car rental location that we booked on line and were under the impression was right at the airport as we had picked up before. It turned out to be an offsite location, small operation, and small staff contingent. They had no car of the kind we booked, and the one that they attempted to pawn off to us was a significantly inferior vehicle. Furthermore it was not cleaned properly. We cancelled the contract and went back to the airport to see what else we could get from a reputable dealer!! Being a lead up to a long weekend, the last of the summer, we immediately found out that a number of operations were already sold out of the vehicle we needed for the trip with the family. The family were exhausted from the trip, been on a goose chase for a vehicle so we could make our first destination before midnight and were not impressed we were already on the road. When we met Kevin the customer service representative at the counter and explained out plight, he went right into action sourcing a vehicle for our needs. Not only did he find a vehicle he suggested that if we got on line right away and booked, we might be eligible for further discounts. After having attempted that avenue to no avail, with the kids taxed to their limit with the several hour delay to that point dealing with the other rental agency and getting back to the airport, Kevin graciously obtained and facilitated the the best overall deal at the counter!!!! Not only was the deal equitable with the offsite location, but the vehicle was practically brand new and came with all the electronic gps and satellite features to assist and make our trip that much more relaxing and enjoyable!!! Kevin even put the keys aside so no one else at the counter could rent the vehicle while we attempted to extract the online savings. The cars were going fast and there were only two of these vehicles left!!! Kids were happy, wife was pleased, and therefore I was happy!!!! Our trip could begin on a very pleasant note. The car performed great, and was a pleasure to have on our tour!!! In retrospect, we continually commented that we could not imagine the trip with the alternate company!!! Kevin, I could not get through to your manager to express my gratitude for the service that you gave us so hopefully this comment reaches you. Our next trip we look forward to booking with Alamo and perhaps getting an opportunity to see Kevin again :-) 


Mentionable Staff
Kevin at Pearson International Airport - the oriental guy as he preferred to be referred to
Awesome, Accommodating Guy!!!
Made our trip experience enjoyable because of his ability to fulfill our automobile needs in short order with a great new vehicle with superior features included that facilitated a pleasant trip from the GPS mapping, satellite radio, numerous plug ins throughout the vehicle (happy kids!)

Because of the experience Kevin gave us at the counter, we look to be long time Alamo customers and look forward to providing our recommendations of Alamo to anyone that inquires of our experience or we discuss our trip with!!!

Way to go Kevin!!!! Your friendly accommodating attitude and treating the customer as important will serve you well in your current choice of occupation but will also go a long way in every endeavour that you choose!!! Who knows maybe some day you will be Pres./CEO of Alamo??

Keep up the outstanding work Kevin with all your customer contacts and direct personal rewards will exceed your expectations!!!!

Kevin At Pearson International Airport Toronto...................Awesome Guy!!!!!

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