Child Seat Rules and Penalties in the UK

Sixt Car Rental have launched a campaign to educate consumers regarding the rules and regulations of child safety seat use in vehicles in the UK.

“It is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Seat Check campaign that 7 out of 10 of car seats on the UK are not installed correctly.”

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Airport Car Rental - What You Need to Know

If you’re planning to pick up or drop off your next car rental at the airport there are a few things you should know before you head on your way.

Some car rental offices are located inside the airport terminal while others are located off premise. The fleet of rental cars is generally located either in a lot attached to the airport or a shuttle-ride away in a satellite lot.

For large international airports with multiple terminals, it’s important to reserve your rental car in the terminal you will be traveling through, you don’t want to hike all over the airport if you can help it. Many terminals operate independently so if you reserved your car in terminal one that’s where you will need to go to sign documents and pick up your car. Car rental counters are typically located near the baggage claim area and posted signs will guide you to your destination.

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Car Rental and Car Hire Fuel Policies Explained

The different fuel policies offered by car rental and car hire companies can be very confusing. In this article I will explain the various options.

The golden piece of advice here is to know exactly what your options are before you book. At the very least, know what your obligations are before you drive away to save yourself additional expense and aggravation later.

OPTION 1: Full to Full

This is by far the most common default policy used worldwide and in my opinion, it also the easiest to understand and fairest for the customer. It is very simple. When you pick up your car it is full of fuel and it is your responsibility to return it full at the end of the rental.

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International Driving Permits

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is an official document that provides a translation of important information from your driver’s license. The permit contains your name, photo and driver information translated into 11 languages, including English.

International driving permits are recognized in over 150 countries today. Many countries that do not recognize US, UK, Australian or other driver’s licenses do officially recognize an IDP. Additionally, some countries only honor valid US, UK or Australian driver’s licenses when accompanied by a local language translation, satisfied by the IDP.

Carrying an international driving permit along with a valid driver’s license from your home country, can help with language barriers when traveling in non-English speaking countries. The IDP also serves as an additional source of identification. So, buying an IDP prior to your trip can save a lot of potential time-consuming headaches. If you need to communicate with foreign authorities, an IDP can be a big help.

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Weekly Car Rental News Roundup

Our Weekly Car Rental and Car Hire News Roundup is out for this Monday, March 14th 2016. This week's headlines:

► Running the Car Rental Agreement Gantlet. ► Under the microscope: daily rental charges. ► Hertz Global Holdings Appoints Robert Barton as Senior Vice President, Global Franchise Operations. ► These are the most complained-about companies - and here’s what we do with them. ► Lucky driver escapes Lincoln speeding fine - because his hire car was 140 MILES away. ► Travel Agents Reveal Early 2016’s Hottest Destinations. ► Pipe bombs found in stolen vehicle in Phoenix traffic stop. ► New Free Car Rental Service WaiveCar Arrives In California. ► Google's New Mobile Tool Lets You Compare Destinations by Price. ► Avis agent saves passenger's life at Jacksonville International Airport. ► 4 things to know when renting a car with a debit card. ► Fly into Florida and drive home with a deal. ► 7 Tips to Maximize a Short Trip. ► Fancy a Porsche or Harley Davidsons? You can rent them now in Hyderabad India! ► Saudi Arabian citizens cry foul as car rental prices shoot up. ► Kill It With Tech: 8 Tools To Rid Your Travels Of Jet Lag. ► No Class Cert in Dollar Rental Car Add-On Class Action. ► New reviews for Silvercar at Austin Bergstom International Airport in Texas, Avis at Moorea in French Polynesia, Budget in Eindhoven Netherlands, Avis at Tel Aviv Airport in Israel, Budget at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida, Budget at Montevideo Carrasco International Airport in Uruguay, Goldcar at Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport in Italy and many more.

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Finally! US House Passes Car Rental Recall Bill

Lawmakers in the US might finally after years of back and forth, pass legislation requiring car rental companies to repair cars subject to a safety recall before they rent them out.

Numerous attempts to pass laws about this have failed previously. 

The first was named the Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act of 2011. It failed to make the cut in a massive transportation bill that was approved in 2012 before it was re-introduced in May of 2013. It came about following the deaths of Raechel and Jacqueline Houck in a 2004 wreck.

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Lowest Gas Prices In A Decade For Labor Day Road Trippers

More than 30 million road trippers will enjoy the lowest gas prices in more than a decade when they hit the highway on this Labor Day long weekend.

It's estimated that 35.5 million US travelers will venture 50 or more miles from home this weekend. The traditional end of summer holiday weekend will see 2.6 million people flying (some of which will rent a car on arrival to continue to their final destination), 2.4 million taking a train, bus or a cruise and the rest hitting the road. This will be the highest number of Labor Day travelers since 2008 and a 1% increase from last year.

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The Cost Of Every Toll Road In Europe And The US

Have you ever had to travel to another state or country and wondered if there were toll roads that you had to use and what they were going to cost? Here is a perfect solution from Sixt Rent a Car.

Sixt have developed a super cool tool to help. The interactive infographic below lets you find the cost of tolls for every road, bridge, tunnel, vignette and congestion charge in the US and Europe. Every US state that has toll roads as well as every country in Europe including Russia and Kazakhstan are covered in the really quite amazing tool.

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Hertz Dream Cars - What, Where and How Much Are They?

Hertz announced this week that they have added the Porsche Macan Turbo to the range of high-performance luxury options in their Dream CarsTM fleet.

Available from a number of major cities and airports in the US, Hertz customers have the opportunity to experience iconic cars and premium service when renting from the Dream CarsTM collection. 

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Hertz Just Made Keeping Fuel Receipts Compulsory

Starting today, Hertz have introduced a new fuel policy for renters who travel less than 75 miles in total during their rental at certain locations in the US (the locations have not been disclosed that I can find).

In an email sent to Hertz Gold Club members, the new policy states:

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