Which Rental Car To Choose? David Adam's Video Rental Car Reviews


RentalCarReviews.com in collaboration with David Adams will shortly provide video reviews of the cars that you can expect to choose from when you next rent in the US or Canada.

A few weeks ago I was contacted through the website by David. He had started to do some video reviews of cars that he rented just for fun and set them up on YouTube under the name Rental Car Reviews. He wanted to let me know what he was doing and make sure that he wasn't "stepping on any toes" as well as enquiring if I would be interested in some collaboration. No compensation from either end and no promises.

We traded a few emails and have since spoken on a number of occasions. Long story short, we're going to provide David's reviews to our readers on RentalCarReviews.com and he will help us get the word out about the site. We're planning on simply having some fun making and publishing these and hope that you find them useful.

I'd thought about the value of individual vehicle reviews to consumers previously but I've never made a video and have zero confidence in front of a camera. David on the other hand is a natural as you'll see. He brings a no nonsense, down to earth and comical approach to his reviews that I love. We hope that you will too.

It's common with most of the rental companies particularly at airport locations to allow customers to choose the car they want to drive from what is available in the category booked. "Go out the door, 3 rows to the right and hop into anything in Aisle C". How do you choose and what are the factors that are important to you?

Maybe you are 6'5" and need leg and head room. Are you planning on doing a lot of highway driving? Is Cruise Control a must, or bluetooth capability, or can't you live without Satellite radio? Maybe you are looking for great fuel economy or will have full size adults in the back seat and need leg room back there. 2 sets of golf clubs and a suitcase or 2. Or perhaps you just want something that is fun to drive.

With David's reviews now you can have an idea about the pros and cons of each make and model before you find yourself standing in the car park looking around and finally deciding "oh well, the red one looks nice".

So a bit about David in his own words:

I'm a racing and drifting driver with over 13 years of immersion in the racing and drifting culture. I've raced and drifted in a multitude of cars from V8 powered American brawlers to turbo-rotary drift dancers. Currently I am building a 1987 Chrysler Conquest and a 1990 Turbo RX7 for drifting and time trials respectively and am hoping to get some hot seat time for 2015.

In terms of media experience, in addition to Rental Car Reviews, I have done video editorials, features and car reviews for Muscle Cars Classifieds and have been the host of an internet-based radio show for about 10 and a half years running. I have a style based strongly in imagery and while I incorporate the all-important metaphor as necessary, I'd rather use descriptive context to paint a picture for the viewer and reader to appreciate.

Professionally, I'm a Unix Administrator for Wyndham Worldwide's RCI division and a former US Marine, though you know what they say: "Once a Marine, always a Marine!" My personal motto is "work hard now to party harder later" and something you'll also hear me say is "Computers make the money, race cars spend it."

We've set up a YouTube playlist where we will put all of David's reviews. Of course we will also make them available here on the site.

I think it's important to note that David is paying for all of the rentals out of his own pocket. He does mention the company that he has rented from and lists the prices of the car from a few key US airports at the time of the rental however neither of us receive anything from the rental companies. If this should change at any point we will be up front with you about it (hint hint....if any car rental companies in the Carmel/Indianapolis area would like to provide David with cars from your fleet to review, please let us know).

We're really excited to be working together to provide you with these reviews. It's going to be a lot of fun. If there are any specific makes and models that you'd like to see a review of or if you have any suggestions as to features that we should cover in future reviews, please let us know in the comments and we'll see what we can do.

As he mentioned, David has his own 2 hour internet radio show every Saturday afternoon at 3pm. I listened for the first time last weekend, lots of fun. If you'd like to learn more about David and his drifting and racing adventures here are some links.

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