The Cost Of Every Toll Road In Europe And The US


Have you ever had to travel to another state or country and wondered if there were toll roads that you had to use and what they were going to cost? Here is a perfect solution from Sixt Rent a Car.

Sixt have developed a super cool tool to help. The interactive infographic below lets you find the cost of tolls for every road, bridge, tunnel, vignette and congestion charge in the US and Europe. Every US state that has toll roads as well as every country in Europe including Russia and Kazakhstan are covered in the really quite amazing tool.

Before your next road trip, this tool will help you plan your route and prepare for the toll charges you'll encounter along the way.

Sixt Rent a Car whilst not well known in the US just yet are expanding rapidly. A family owned and operated entity based out of Pullach near Munich in Germany, Martin Sixt started the company in 1912 with 3 cars. Sixt now operates in over 100 countries at more than 2000 locations, with more than 50 locations now in the US and more opening every month it seems.

Their most recent location opening was announced last week. In-terminal service is now available with Sixt from the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport (STS) in California. Known for the high proportion of premium and luxury cars carried on their fleet, in particular high-end German models as you might expect, the US is expected to be the companies second largest market in 2015.

To see what Sixt have available and get a quote in any of their locations around the world click here.

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