Alamo Offering Monster Truck Rentals

In an official video press release today, Alamo Car Rental has announced the availability of monster trucks in their fleet "in response to customer demand for more adventurous and off-road-ready vehicle options".

With vehicles featuring 66-inch tires and supercharged V8 engines, the Alamo Monster Truck Program allows families to explore even the most remote locations for their off-road adventures. Towering 12 feet high and weighing in at 10,000 pounds, the trucks will be available with rates starting at $650 per day. Weekly rates are also available on request.

According to Rob Connors, assistant vice president of brand marketing for Alamo, "Our more adventurous customers are looking for vehicles that will get their adrenaline pumping when they travel. The Alamo Monster Truck Program is our way of providing truly monstrous experiences to vacationers looking for an extraordinary memory."

The trucks will apparently come equipped with 4 standard helmets and seat harnesses. In the true spirit of car rental however, you can pay extra for upgrades to super helmets that have cameras attached to capture the fun. Oh yes, and more again for GPS to find those way out places to make the most of the ride. 

It seems that in the normally extremely boring car rental world, Alamo at least have a sense of humor on this April Fool's Day. Management have all played along with deadpan presentations and quotes in the video from Rob Kessler, assistant VP of employee communications, Adam Tracy, strategic partnership manager and Yona Spiegelglass, brand publicity director. Two actual monster truck drivers, Josh Gibson and Darron Schnell are also featured.

I have to wonder if Alamo will remove the clause in their contracts forbidding their vehicles to be driven off road.

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