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Rental Car Reviews logoRental Car Reviews is the premier car rental information and review site, helping travelers research, review and plan their car rentals worldwide. RCR was founded in 2014 to help people with all things car rental: read and author reviews, find fleet and location information, browse helpful tips and articles, and directly link to all major car rental booking pages.  In addition to reading and authoring reviews users can find information on more than 23,000 locations worldwide – from opening hours to the price of a child seat rental RCR has you covered.

Rental Car Reviews offers both verified and unverified reviews. Verified reviews are vetted with the rental companies in an effort to provide authenticated accounts from actual renters. Unverified reviews are monitored using a variety of methods to prevent abuse but overall are left to the honor system. Used together these reviews provide a strong foundation for users to make an informed decision about their car rental options.

We have established a site dedicated to car rental reviews and information. Instead of searching for piecemeal reviews on sites unrelated to car rental, RCR provides one location for all of your car rental needs. This interactive platform allows renters to connect with each other and car rental companies. Authorized car rental representatives are able to read and respond to user’s reviews as well assist with answers to questions that renters may have in our dedicated car rental forum.

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